Battle Miles (Shopify)


Sushant Gupta


Mar 06, 2023

About the Brand:


Battle Miles is the toughest and most competitive online virtual race on the planet. You race anytime, anywhere, and record results using any fitness app. Once you submit results to our leaderboard, you are competing against runners from all around the world!
Battle Miles offers first place finisher awards, a world wide ranking system called Battle Stats, an annual Championship event, along with the best running community!



Problem Statement:


Battle miles needed to create a public page where any user can see the leaderboard calculated for all users based on 12 different criteria. Battlemiles wanted to have a google sheet, wherein they can enter the raw data using which the leaderboard could be created.

The calculation of the overall points and the rank is based on a predefined formula.



We created a google sheet with the raw data and using google sheets API, we were able to fetch the content on Shopify frontend wherein we created the leaderboard table with search and scorecard.



Now, every user can see their individual standing and stats of other users on the website. This module is not only very helpful for users but also drives a lot of organic engagement towards the brand.

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