Pepper Palace USA(Shopify Plus)


Sushant Gupta


Mar 06, 2023

About the Brand:


Pepper Palace is a family-owned business that operates over 100 retail locations in the US and Canada and plans expansion into the West, Northeast and Midwestern US and Central Canada. Pepper Palace produces and sells a very wide variety of gourmet sauces, especially hot sauces.


Problem Statement:


Send Out of Stock products to the bottom of the collection and bring them back to the same position once they are back in stock


There are many apps in the app marketplace which can change the sorting of the collection dynamically and push the out of stock products to the bottom of the collection page. However, none of the existing apps can push the products back to their original ranking once the product is back in stock.


We started by creating an app with a database. The app subscribed to the webhook of “Inventory Level Update” and based on the data received, the application calculated the remaining inventory of the product, the collections in which it is listed and its respective positions.

In case the total inventory was zero, the ranking of the product in each of its collection is stored in a database and the position of that particular product is set as the last product in all those collections.

In case the total inventory was non-zero, the application checks data for that particular product in the database, in case it finds it, it restores the ranking as saved in the database and deletes the entries in the database.


Using Shopify’s robust Rest and GraphQL API’s we were able to implement this solution within a week.


Now when a user opens up any collection on, the out of stock products are always at the bottom of the page and once they are back in stock, they are moved to their original rankings set by Pepperpalace’s merchandising team.

The workflow here does two things:

  1. Makes sure that the collection pages are optimized to showcase in stock products to the customers first.
  2. Removed the need of their merchandising team to manually keep a track of all the ranking which they had originally set. 

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