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Best practices to deal with payment challenges on Facebook ads

It is indeed the most annoying situation when you face a payment failure issue when you require something so urgently.
Sometimes when you are trying to make the payment, it is either processing or failing.

Why Payments Fail?
There are multiple reasons why your payment might fail; some of them might be entirely new to us. For instance, you have made the payment, i.e., You added a budget to your account, but it got stuck while processing the payment. You can no longer obtain it, nor has it been added to the ad account.Then what is the solution?

How are they resolved?

  • Contact your Bank or Facebook multiple times as their responses are often very lenient.
  • Drop them a message or e-mail and keep in touch with them. Coordinate accordingly so that your ad account doesn’t get affected due to the same.

To avoid these strenuous procedures, let’s look into a few ways in which you can save yourself from payment failures.

1. Post Payment
The best way to save yourself from payment failure is to use post-payment or auto-debit based on a card attached.

2. Different Payment Methods
Try adding a new payment method to your account by updating your payment settings. You can pay your balance manually.

3. Contact the bank ASAP
Most of the time, there is no issue from the bank side, but sometimes your bank or payment provider experiences an issue processing your payment.

4. Prepare Your Budget
Please align your payment within 48 hours as payment processing takes 24 – 48 hours.

5. The Card Hack
Keeping a dedicated credit card for XYZ a/c Use that same card for no other purpose or payment.

6. Make a Note
Don’t attempt payment processing twice within 24 hours with the same card. If your payment has been deducted from your account and has not been reflected in your balance, contact the bank.

7. RBI Says….
Update your bank details as per the RBI guidelines.

8. Facebook at your disposal
You can reach out to Facebook chat support (link) for payment processing on your behalf.

9. Alert!!! Add Balance
Maintain a prepaid account balance before the weekend or holidays in a row. This would make your scheduled ads active or eligible to begin running immediately.

10. Fix your card issues
Resolve credit card issues like insufficient funds or verification issues beforehand to save yourself from payment failure.

11. Collect Proof of Payment Fail
When talking to support, we require the last 4 digits of the card, screenshots of current problems and they check the status of admin access.

12. Incorrect Bank Info
Providing incorrect bank account information can sometimes cause big problems.

Once your balance has been paid, any active or scheduled ads will be eligible to begin running immediately.

You faced such an issue, right?
That is the only reason that you stumbled upon this blog. We hope this acts as a helping hand for you.

Sushant Gupta
Sushant Gupta
I am one of the founders of Seventh Triangle. I leads overall technology, new tech initiatives and Business Intelligence at Seventh Triangle. I also strings together Marketing with Technology to achieve the goal of being a Mar-tech integrated agency and oversees solution building at various levels.

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